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 Hell Blade, I

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PostSubject: Hell Blade, I   Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:43 am


No furrys allowed. Any furries and you will DIE.

Story : It is a time of peace...but an exiled figure from the past is coming.

Marus, one of the 3 generals of Signar, wants revenge for the other 2 generals and Signar's death. But that is not all. He wants to kill the king and reign supreme throughout the land of Sycir.

He has found the Hell Blade, a weapon too powerful for a mortal to handle. However, it is hidden as well. But Marus will stop at no cost to get it...

but if he does, the world will be destroyed.

But not even the strongest mercenaries can destroy Marus. So they call on the gods...but they are corrupted, under Marus's control. However, they're descendants are not, each wielding a special power. Only they can stop Marus.

Note : Regular characters can kill Marus by abusing his weakness to light (Fire included). holy water (Yes he is part vampire, but does not need blood)

Elements and Skills for the "Chosen Ones" (Descendant of the gods)


Fire (NONE)
Water (NONE)
Grass (NONE)
Earth (NONE)
Dark (NONE)
Light (NONE)
Ice (NONE)
Spirit (NONE)
Mind (FrozenFlame)



My Characters

Age : Ageless

Gender : Male

Bio : Seyner always believed he could read minds. as a child, but however ageless, Seyner opened a psychic shop. It didn't work. People said he was a thief in disguise as a building owner. They didn't know Seyner descended from the goddess of psychic, Herna. Seyner left his parents and went broke. Soon, as appearing to be an adult, he finally developed his psychic powers and could soon lift a truck off the ground.


Age : ???

Gender : Male

Bio : No one knows alot about Marus, but he was born to 2 friendly people, and killed them.


Age : 21

Gender : Male

Bio : Sarcan is a cousin of Marus, declared evil for being related to Marus. He has a EXTREMELY hard life, and he will do anything to kill Marus and be declared a hero.


Age : 22

Gender : Female

Bio : Once again a cousin of Marus, Jane actually, is in hiding. Only trusted people know her existance in the world.

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Hell Blade, I
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